Post Construction Cleaning

SPECIAL: Any post construction cleans booked through the contractor is 10% off!

Shelley’s Shiners is proud of our 18+ years experience of in post-construction clean-up. If you are a construction company or building owner who is finishing up construction on a new building, or home renovation, you want a quality cleaning company to prepare the building for its official opening. WE HAVE COMPLETED 83 ROOM HOTELS, BY ALL DEAD LINES, MOVE-IN READY!

We are staffed to handle anything that requires a Cleaning specialized for Post-Construction:

BOTTOM LINE YOU’LL FIND OUR PRICING COMPETITIVE AND AFFORDABLE. The final clean prepares for the initial inspection by the Owner, such that the owner could, if he so desired, take possession of and occupy the unit upon completion of this initial inspection.

For Post Construction Windows “In and Out” see our Professional Window Cleaning Service


  • Remove any and all trash, dirt, and debris from the interior of the unit and dispose of as directed by the Contractor’s Superintendent.
  • Vacuum all window tracks, all cupboards (inside, outside, and tops), and drawers in the entire house. This includes under all bathroom sinks, closets, and shelves. Remove all bottom drawers, and vacuum beneath.
  • Vacuum out all heating/cooling ducts by snaking the vacuum hose far down the ducts to suck up all the debris. This job is very important because when the system is turned on, it can spew clouds of fine Sheetrock dust all over the house.
  • Dust or vacuum walls as needed.
  • Wipe every surface of every cupboard, drawer, closet shelf, bookshelf, door, baseboard, and windowsill in the entire house. Tops of all doors, the molding, and trim throughout the house.
  • Remove all packing materials, temporary labels, and operating and maintenance manuals. Place in kitchen drawers as directed. Polish all cabinets, vanities, and other stained woodwork and all stainless steel sinks using lemon oil or other polish. Clean and shine, and set up all appliances where necessary.
  • Clean showers, tubs, basins, and toilets with a soft scrub brush, and sunlight dish soap. Rinse all porcelain surfaces and polish them with a soft dry cotton towel. Polish all chrome fixtures until gleaming! Clean mirrors with our special window solution and squeegee.
  • Clean and shine all plumbing fixtures and related trim to a sanitary condition. Clean and shine all medicine cabinets and bath accessories
  • Mop bathrooms floors and dry with a towel to a lustrous sheen, whether tile or linoleum.
  • Clean and shine all electrical fixtures, trim, and outlet covers. Micro dust settles on everything.
  • Wipe and polish utility room appliances and all counter tops.
  • Vacuum all carpet in the entire house, using the hose attachment along wall edges and baseboard ledges. Final vacuum with power head vacuum.
  • Gently wipe chandeliers and light fixtures, or dust them with a lambswool duster. Clean all thresh holds.
  • Damp mop all tiles using a shine and conditioner in the mop water( depending on the type of flooring). Damp-mop the kitchen floor and dining area
  • Sweep and/or vacuum the garage and Patios if requested, or advised by contractor. Wipe off the water heater and any other dusty surfaces in storage, and furnace rooms.